Questions we hear frequently.

  • Do we need an appraisal to apply for a church loan?

    You may not. We attempt to establish property values through tax records, insured values, real estate market analysis, and other methods. However, on new construction loans over $1 million or when the collateral ratio appears to be outside our policy levels, we often need an appraisal. In most cases, a summary appraisal is enough. If an appraisal is needed, the church is responsible for the cost.

  • I am not old enough to retire. Can I access the funds in my MBA 403(b) retirement plan?

    Tax laws and plan restrictions put limitations on when you can take distributions from your 403(b) retirement funds. You can withdraw traditional after-tax (but not Roth) funds and balances from rollovers at any time. Please be aware that taxes and a 10% early withdrawal penalty may apply to the taxable portion of the distribution.

    All other 403(b) funds can be accessed only in the following situations:

    • Severance from employment (termination of Assemblies of God credentials)
    • Attainment of age 591/2
    • A total and permanent disability
    • For a financial hardship as defined by law and the plan document
    • For your beneficiaries at your death


  • How do I fund an AG Loan Fund investment?

    You may open an investment with a personal check or by electronic transfer from your bank. The minimum balance for the AG Loan Fund Demand Certificate is $250. All other investments require a $500 minimum. There are no annual fees. Premium rates may be available for individual investments of $250,000 or more. Open an investment.

  • How can I see my accounts or investments online?

    To see your accounts or investments online, you must first establish online access. Enter your full SSN as your temporary User ID and the last four digits of your SSN as your temporary password. You will then be taken through the online access setup where you will create a new user ID and password.
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    If you forget your user ID and/or Password, contact Client Services at 1.800.253.5544 or email

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