Competitive rates, flexible borrowing limits, and responsible decision-making have made AG Financial Solutions one of the largest church lenders in the nation.

While other financial institutions focus on building their profits, AG Financial Solutions has a unique ministry purpose: To build God’s kingdom by helping churches grow.

Permanent Loans

Our focus is permanent, first-mortgage financing with flexible terms and competitive rates to help you purchase facilities or refinance existing loans without short-sighted balloon notes than can leave ministries financially vulnerable.

Construction Loans

Whether new construction or renovation, cash flow is eased with interest-only payments during construction. After construction, there is a guaranteed no-cost conversion to permanent financing at competitive rates.

Credit Lines

This is a convenient alternative for short-term expenses, smaller renovation projects, or unexpected needs.

Loans for Stewardship Campaigns

For many churches, the first and best step in obtaining funding is an expertly-led stewardship initiative. Short-term loans help cover consultation fees and expenses.

Complimentary Construction Services

When you receive a loan from AG Financial Solutions, you can enjoy professional consultation during the planning, design, budgeting, and construction phases of your project, at no additional cost. Services include the following:

  • Square footage cost analysis—Real square footage costs for your project.
  • Ongoing project monitoring, including periodic site visits.
  • Oversight of construction fund disbursement.
  • Budget management—Counting the cost to completion every month.
  • Value-Engineering—Money savings hidden in plans and drawings.
  • Referrals to qualified architectural and construction firms.