While numbers reflect a church’s financial situation, we know there’s more to your story. Our process involves learning what God is doing in your ministry and the vision He has given you.


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In preparation for your loan, your loan consultant will talk with you to get a picture of your ministry and needs. This information will be used to guide you to the best loan solution for your ministry. Topics for discussion may include the following:

  • Description of your ministry
  • Current weekly attendance
  • Estimated property values
  • Current mortgage information
  • Goals and purpose for the loan

Once your loan consultant learns about you and the unique needs of your ministry, they will make recommendations on the best custom tailored solution for your needs. To ensure you understand the proposed solution, they will also walk through:

  • Who we are and what we stand for
  • The difference between residential and commercial mortgages
  • Various options/rates based on qualifications and initial fees
  • Closing process and construction draw process
  • Typical terms of a loan with AG Financial Solutions

After a loan solution is determined, the loan application must be completed. Your consultant will assist you with any questions you may have, review the application, and submit it for approval.

Upon approval of your loan request, your consultant will provide you with a letter of approval containing the final loan amount, terms, and conditions. Your loan will be scheduled for closing once you have accepted and signed this letter.

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