Wealth management that focuses on what is important to you: your faith, your family, your future.


It takes highly trained professionals to help you create a customized financial solution that meets your personal needs. We will work with you to optimize your investments and set a clear, realistic path toward meeting your goals.

Together, we will consider your time horizon, your attitude toward risk, your tax situation, and other financial needs, all in the context of wise biblical stewardship and protecting your personal values. Then, we will show you how to translate those needs into a well-diversified investment portfolio that fits your parameters for risk and return. You can expect the following:

  • Highly personalized attention
  • The simplification of your financial life
  • A portfolio tailored to your specific needs

Our clients rely on us for knowledge and service to help keep them on track toward meeting their investment goals. We are committed to providing you with solid investment management advice and uncompromising service. As part of that service, we partner with Capstone Asset Management Company, a SEC registered investment advisory firm. They fulfill the role of an asset manager for certain types of investments, specifically the Steward Funds. These funds apply a comprehensive set of cultural screens to their investments. Offered without sales commissions, they may play a part in your wealth management solution.

Our comprehensive wealth management solutions include the following:
  • Faith-based investments
  • Tax optimization
  • Retirement income planning
  • Family office solutions
  • Gift planning
  • Estate planning
  • Investment advisory solutions
  • Insurance solutions

Contact us today to speak with an investment professional and learn how AG Financial Solutions can meet your wealth management needs.