Rollovers Made Easy

Simplify your retirement planning by consolidating your accounts with a rollover. It’s easy to roll over or transfer all your other retirement funds into an AG Financial 403(b).

Stabilize your investment with  a variety of low-cost, faith-based investment options including the MBA Income Fund, a fixed rate investment option.

You’ll also enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Continued tax deferral
  • Pretax and Roth deferral options
  • A dedicated rollover specialist
  • Rollovers

    A rollover is a movement of funds between different kinds of accounts and may be subject to federal income tax in some cases. You are eligible for a rollover if you meet a qualifying event such as a separation from service, disability, or attainment of age 59½. If you meet one of these qualifiers, you may roll over your 401(k), 457, or 403(b). Traditional IRAs can be rolled over at any time.

  • Transfers

    A transfer is a movement of funds between accounts of the same kind and are not subject to federal income tax. To transfer your funds to your 403(b) account, you must already have a 403(b) through a current employer and not meet any of the qualifications listed for rollovers. In addition, MBA must be an approved vendor of your employer in order to transfer a 403(b).

  • Eligibility

    You are eligible to roll over or transfer your funds if any of the following apply:

    • You are moving a 401(k), IRA, etc.
    • You have changed jobs
    • You have had a distributable event. These include financial hardship as defined by law, separation from service, attainment of age 59½, total and permanent disability, and for your beneficiaries upon your death.

More questions? Call 866.621.1787 to speak to a rollover specialist.

Start Your Rollover

Roll over or transfer your funds in 2 simple steps.

Step 1. Download and complete the Rollover/Transfer Form

Rollover/Transfer Form »


Step 2. Return the form with your latest statement(s)

Mail to:
AG Financial Solutions
PO Box 2515
Springfield, MO 65801

A confirmation letter will be sent when your rollover/transfer has been completed.