409A Deferred Compensation Plan


The AG Financial 409A Deferred Compensation Plan is offered to ministers and ministry employees of Qualified Church Controlled Organizations only. Use of the 409A Deferred Compensation Plan for ministers or employees generally falls under the following three considerations:

  • The participant wants to contribute in excess of the maximum limitation of the AG Financial 403(b) Retirement Plan.
  • The contribution involves several years’ worth of contributions from an employer who has not been contributing regularly, and/or that employer wants to send a lump sum plus monthly contributions.
  • The contribution is a lump-sum deposit given to the minister as a retirement gift.

Two parties are required in the 409A Deferred Compensation Plan: the participant and the contributing ministry.

How to Enroll

409A Deferred Compensation Plan

A deferred compensation agreement is a contractual agreement with your employer to defer compensation to the future. A well-drafted plan can allow you to defer all taxable compensation that you don’t need to live on and receive it at the time you elect. The money still legally belongs to your employer, but it can be set aside and invested for growth in the 409A Deferred Compensation Plan. Investments can be the same as those that are available through the AG Financial 403(b) Retirement Plan.

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To enroll, please contact AG Financial Solutions at 800.622.7526 or email us at 409A@agfinancial.org. We will send you the Enrollment Election and Payout forms.

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