Choose the best IRA option for you.

Individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) are an effective way to save for retirement, with options that meet your personal tax needs both now and for the future.

A Traditional IRA is a tax-advantaged account that allows earnings and deductible contributions to grow tax-deferred. This means you don’t pay income taxes on the earnings and deductible contributions to your IRA until you begin taking distributions, usually after you retire and when you may be in a lower tax bracket.


– No income limits to establish
– Contributions may be tax deductible*
– Must have earned income and be under age 70½ to contribute
– Earnings are tax deferred until distributed
– Distributions may begin at age 59½
– Early distributions may be subject to penalty*
– Required minimum distributions after age 70½

A Roth IRA allows you to accumulate earnings on a tax-deferred basis and withdraw earnings tax-free for qualified distributions. Unlike a Traditional IRA, Roth contributions are not deductible on your federal tax return.


– Income limits must be met for Roth IRA eligibility*
– Contributions are not tax deductible
– No age limit to contribute as long as you have earned income
– Earnings may be tax free at distribution if qualified*
– Principal contributions may be distributed without penalty*
– Qualified distributions on earnings may begin at 59½*
– Early distributions on earnings are subject to penalty*
– No required distribution age
– Traditional IRAs may be converted to Roth IRAs*

Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRAs are an alternative for self-employed individuals and business owners to provide retirement benefits for themselves and their employees. Similar to a Traditional IRA, SEP IRA funds are taxed upon qualified distributions starting at age 59½ and may be subject to penalty for early distributions. Contributions are generally tax-deductible.

*Contact your tax advisor. Additional AG Loan Fund early redemption penalties and IRA custodial fees may apply.


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