The Most Overlooked Aspect of Giving

The Most Overlooked Aspect of Giving

As church leaders, we often focus on an impassioned plea for giving. But are we forgetting half the equation? It’s the easiest thing to do, but so often we overlook the simplest words of gratitude.

It’s vital to express genuine appreciation for generous gifts that are given. Remember, what is rewarded and recognized gets repeated. Do you have a system in place to thank people for their generosity?

Here a few ideas to jumpstart your focus on gratitude.

  • Recognize first-time givers with a thank-you card.
  • When you send a note of thanks, make sure it “connects the dots” between your mission and their giving.
  • Regularly acknowledge and encourage those who tithe. Be creative.
  • If your service is streaming live, thank those online givers during your service.
  • Consider sending quarterly giving statements to help donors understand that they are doing more than paying the bills-they are enabling and empowering your church’s vision. 

Your consistent gratitude will enable their consistent giving! A thank-you can go a long way in building faithful givers-and for building God’s kingdom.