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Certified Church Risk Manager (CCRM)


Certified Church Risk Managers (CCRM) is a cohesive, educational designation program that builds risk management knowledge for those who work in church administration, risk management or have professional level experience for churches.

Participants learn church practices, procedures and terminology that will help the church be better equipped to:

  • Reduce the cost of accidents
  • Provide adequate protection
  • Integrate a church safety plan
  • Reduce the churches liabilities
  • Plan and budget more efficiently

How to Obtain the CCRM

There are 2 routes to obtain the CCRM designation and both routes require passing an exam:

  • Experience credit– working on behalf of a church in church administration, risk management or in a professional level for 3 or more years.
  • Educational knowledge by already passing the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) or Certified Risk Manager (CRM) designation.


All candidates for the designation must pass an exam as specified in the CCRM Guidelines.

Experience Credit

Experience credit can only be assigned for those who have (3) or more years of church administration, risk management or have professional level experience in a church. This experience qualifies as meeting the standards for entry as a CCRM.

Educational Knowledge

Completion of the widely recognized Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) or Certified Risk Manager (CRM) certification programs will be recognized as having prior educational knowledge.

What the CCRM Designation Teaches

Each participant will learn how to better protect the church by the following process:

  • Identification – The identifying of the potential sources of losses to the church
  • Analysis – Analyzing the potential impact of exposures to the church
  • Control – Action needed to minimize any potential loss
  • Finance – The acquisition of funds to pay for the losses
  • Administration – The implementation and monitoring of the risk management program.

CCRM participants will become more efficient, knowledgeable, and better equipped to control the churches cost of risk.

Submission Requirements

  • A completed CCRM application form with proof of work experience or proof of your CIC or CRM designation.
  • The appropriate fees paid. The fees are as follows: $75.00 Annually.

How to Maintain your CCRM Designation

Annual Recertification

To retain your CCRM designation, you must maintain your professional currency. Once you have been certified, you will need to recertify annually. Professional currency involves participating in Risk Management Live Seminars or by attending a Risk Management Seminar put on by AGFinancial Insurance.


You are required to obtain:

  • Participate in 4 Risk Management Live Seminars Annually.
  • Attend a Risk Management Seminar put on by AGFinancial Insurance.

If I do not re-certify, what happens?

Your CCRM membership will be changed to inactive. You must cease using the CCRM designation. In order to re-qualify, you will need to reapply under the CCRM certification guidelines in use at that time.


There will be a process to ensure that CCRM holders are being held accountable for their ethics and professionalism. All complaints will be investigated by the Ethics and Professionalism Committee and all outcomes will be governed by this committee. Each CCRM that has a complaint filed against them will be notified and have an opportunity to present their actions, any corrective action will be given by this committee. If CCRM refuses to abide by this action then the designee will cease using this designation.


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