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Make a Transaction

Whether you’re looking to add or withdraw funds or change your beneficiaries, the information and form you need is listed below. If you need assistance with your transaction, give us a call at 866.621.1787.

Can’t find the form you’re looking for? Browse the forms section.

Contributions & Investments


Fund an IRA
Walk through a simple 5-step process to fund a new IRA.

Direct Deposit from Checking to IRA
Authorize a new or change an existing periodic contribution to your IRA from your checking account.


Investment Change Request
Submit to request a change in your investment allocations to your 403(b) or 409A retirement account.

Payroll Deduction Agreement
Authorize a payroll deduction to your 403(b) account. Provide to your employer (not AGFinancial).

403(b) Enrollment
Enroll in the AG Retirement program.

Online Contributions
Make retirement contributions on behalf of your employees using Online Access. For employers.

Direct Deposit Contributions
Create new or makes changes to ACH contributions (direct deposit contributions from checking). Contributions can also be submitted electronicallyFor employers, chaplains, and evangelists only.

Single Contribution & Multiple Contribution
Submit contributions for one or multiple employees. Contributions can also be submitted electronically. For employers.


Direct Deposit from Checking to Demand Certificate
Establish an incoming, regular contribution to your Demand Certificate in AGFinancial from your checking account.

Open a New Investment


Withdrawals & Distributions


Direct Deposit from IRA to Checking
Authorize direct deposits from your IRA to your checking account.

Roth IRA Withdrawal Authorization
Request a distribution from your Roth IRA.

Traditional IRA Withdrawal Authorization
Request a distribution from your Traditional IRA.


403(b) Distribution Request
Request a distribution from your 403(b) retirement account.

403(b) Rollover/Transfer Request
Request a rollover from an existing, qualified retirement plan into your 403(b) account. Transfers are used when rollovers are unavailable.

403(b) Rollover/Transfer Distribution Request
Request a rollover/transfer distribution from your 403(b) retirement account


Direct Deposit from AGFinancial to Checking
Authorize distributions to your checking account from your AGFinancial investment.

Individual Redemption Request
Request an individual redemption (partial or full) from your AGFinancial Investment.

Institutional Redemption Request
Request an institutional redemption (partial or full) from an AGFinancial Investment.


Change Beneficiaries

IRA Beneficiary Designation

403(b) Designation of Beneficiary

AGFinancial Transfer on Death Designation Change

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