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The Offering Circular helps you make an informed investment decision. It includes the history of AGFinancial, its policies and procedures, and last three years of financials. When you open an investment, you agree to the Offering Circular’s terms and conditions.

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To change your beneficiary(ies), complete either an IRA Beneficiary Form or a 403(b) Beneficiary Form and return it to our office.

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Learn more about 403(B) contribution limits on our 403(B) page.

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Access your account(s) and/or investment(s) is permitted via a completed authorization form, signed by your institution’s authorized signer (senior pastor for churches) and submitted to Client Services by email, fax, or mail. The form may be obtained by contacting Client Services.

To see your accounts or investments online, you must first set up a user ID and password. Enter your full SSN as your temporary User ID and the last four digits of your SSN as your temporary password. You will then be taken through the online access setup where you will create a new user ID and password.
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If you forget your user ID and/or Password, contact Client Services at 1.800.253.5544 or email

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Financial Glossary

Browse our helpful glossary of common financial terms and phrases.

A mortgage loan under which the interest rate is periodically adjusted to coincide more closely with current rates. The amounts and times of adjustment are agreed to at the inception of the loan. Also known as Adjustable Rate Loan, Adjustable Mortgage Loan (AML), Flexible...

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Structured as a “pass-through” or “conduit” foundation, AG Foundation is set up so that people can give charitably through it, in order to achieve the giving goals of donors.

Allowances, Alternates, Not in Contract (NIC): these are three items to avoid on your project. They are the greatest sources of change orders.

The contract documents (i.e. the drawings and specifications) should be complete to the point where all of the components that...

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The way a loan or other debt is paid off by equal periodic payments (usually monthly), which are calculated to pay off the debt at the end of a fixed period of time. The calculations include the accrued interest on the outstanding balance.

An estimate of market value placed on all real property and mobile homes. There are two kinds of appraisals: mass appraisal, in which a community is valued for tax purposes; and fee appraisal, in which one property is appraised, often in comparison with other properties....

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The primary rules governing the management of a corporation in the United States. Sometimes referred to as the Certificate of Incorporation or the Corporate Charter, these rules are filed with a state or other regulatory agency.

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