Appreciating Your Pastor: More Than Gift Cards and Tacos


Beyond words of encouragement and gift cards to their favorite taco dives, planning for future financial well-being is one of the greatest ways a church can express its appreciation for a pastor. It not only demonstrates a profound way to care for the pastor’s family; setting up retirement savings for a pastor can be beneficial and responsible for a church, too. Here are three reasons a church should consider doing so.

Financial Stability and Well-Being

Providing retirement savings for a pastor ensures their financial stability and well-being during their retirement years. Pastors dedicate their lives to serving the church and often receive modest salaries, which may not provide sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement. By setting up retirement savings, the church can help the pastor build a nest egg, ensuring they have financial security in their later years.

Attracting and Retaining Pastoral Talent

A retirement savings plan can serve as an attractive benefit for potential pastors, as well as a valuable tool for retaining current ones. Pastoral ministry is a calling that requires deep commitment, but it's also a vocation that requires financial support. Offering retirement savings demonstrates the church's commitment to the long-term well-being of its pastors and their families, making it more appealing for qualified candidates to join and stay within the church.

Demonstration of Stewardship

Establishing retirement savings for the pastor reflects the church's commitment to good stewardship and responsible financial management. Churches have a responsibility to manage their resources wisely, including the compensation and benefits provided to their staff members. By prioritizing retirement savings, the church demonstrates its dedication to fulfilling its obligations to its pastors, ensuring their welfare beyond their active service, and creating a sustainable source of blessing for the future.

It's important for churches to consult with financial professionals and explore different retirement savings options to determine the most suitable plan for their specific circumstances. AGFinancial retirement consultants can help your church navigate this exploration. Please reach out and let our team help ensure your pastors feel appreciated by creating a solid retirement plan.

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