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Boost Your Electronic Giving (Part 3)

Church Finance Basics

We’re wrapping up this three part series on boosting your electronic giving. Here are the final four ideas. We’d love to hear ideas you may have and we would love to visit more with you about ways to partner together to developing a culture of generosity within your church or organization.

Celebrate It

  • Include a section in your Annual Business Report about the importance and value of reoccurring electronic giving. Make sure your Annual Business Report communicates the “why” behind your ministry.
  • Send out quarterly giving statements. You guessed it – include a special note of thanks for reoccurring partnerships. Focus on the impact it is having relative to the vision.
  • Be sure to thank those long-distance supporters of your ministry. Send them a handwritten note and possibly include an Annual Business Report.

Integrate It

  • Make sure your system looks, feels, and works the same across all platforms and mediums.
  • Use the same approach with your offering envelopes and pledge cards that you use online.

Revamp Your Envelope

  • Use your giving envelope as an entry point to reoccurring electronic giving.
  • Consider making a postage-paid version of your offering envelope that can be easily mailed in.
  • Consider pointing people to your envelope when you have a special convention or offering instead of a separate pledge card.
  • Design your envelope with a large flap that covers up sensitive financial information.

Research It

  • Give someone on your team the authority to lead in this area. Let them gather information and examples on the best practices out there and report back to the team quarterly.
  • Put it on the agenda of your creative team. Ask them to brainstorm how to get creative with encouraging people in their generosity, stewardship and giving.
  • Surround yourself with experts in this field who can be a resource to you as needed.

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