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Church Loans: Are You a Good Borrowing Candidate?

Church Finance Basics

A church loan is a tool that, when used wisely and effectively, can help your ministry as it continues to grow. However, before considering ministry financing for any reason, make sure your church is in a good position to borrow.

It Is Best Not to Borrow If:

  • Contributions or attendance are declining
  • The church board is divided about borrowing
  • The funds will be used to address a cash shortfall
  • You are attempting to cover operational expenses
  • It is an alternative to “belt-tightening”

You Are a Good Borrowing Candidate If:

  • You are prudently financing a ministry expansion
  • Church finances and ministry are healthy
  • Financial statements are accurate and up to date
  • Giving and attendance show positive trends
  • Leadership is strong and stable

Be aware that too much debt can inhibit your ministry. It’s best to borrow only what your church can afford and then pay it off as quickly as possible.

Next Step

If you’re considering a church expansion project, there are important things you should know. A church loan consultant is your best resource for education and guidance. To speak to someone about your specific project, call 866.621.1787 or email

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