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AGFinancial (AGFS) wants to help make saving for retirement easier on you. Collecting and managing multiple retirement accounts probably isn’t your idea of a hobby. For many, it can be time consuming or flat out confusing. Avoid that by considering a rollover.

What are the benefits of a rollover? It consolidates your retirement into a single, manageable account. Instead of dealing with multiple statements and accounts, you can track your balance, investment options, and performance with one quick glance. If you've changed jobs, suffered a disability, or have reached age 59½, you are eligible for a rollover.

Even more, a qualified rollover is a tax-free event. You can roll over your other retirement funds into a single retirement account with us and maintain the tax-deferred status of your investments. Cashing out your retirement when you change employers can be tempting, but in most cases you should avoid doing so. Your distribution may be fully taxable and you could have a 10% penalty assessed if you are under age 59½.

A rollover also allows you to reassess your investment strategy. If you’ve let other retirement accounts sit without giving them any attention, you’ll probably need to reevaluate how they’re invested. Your risk tolerance may not be the same as it was when you started at your job. That means your existing account may be more aggressive in the market than you want. Take the time to review your portfolio when you do a rollover so you can be on a better track with your investments.

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If you're interested in rolling over your retirement to AGFS, consider our MBA Income Fund. It is a fixed rate investment option that's had an attractive rate of return since its inception nearly 60 years ago, and its funds are used to build AG churches and ministries.

In addition to the MBA Income Fund, we also offer a variety of low-cost, faith-based investment options to those seeking potentially higher returns for additional risks. The Steward Funds provides a screened indexed approach, avoiding investments in companies that derive a significant portion of their revenue from abortion, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. Included in this family of funds is the award-winning Steward Global Equity Income Fund Institutional Class, the recipient of the 2015 Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Award, an award recognizing funds that deliver consistently strong risk-adjusted performance relative to its peers.

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