Exclusive Video Insights on Church Financing from Leading AG Pastors

Church Finance Basics

Choco. Ketterling. Koch. Quinn. Drost. Canales. Crosby. Wachs.

What do these eight leading Assemblies of God pastors have in common? A firm belief that the right financing partner makes all the difference.

Each pastor recently took time to speak with AGFinancial as we posed the question, “What would you say to pastors of growing churches considering ministry financing?” The advice, taken directly from their own experiences, includes tips such as:

  • See your relationship with your lender as a strategic partnership.
  • Present your church's finances in a professional, businesslike manner.
  • Make sure you have internal financial controls in place.

Get all the insights in this exclusive video:

As you consider ministry expansion or refinancing, take advantage of the wisdom of these leaders who have traveled the path before. The right partner matters. For more information, call 866.621.1787 to speak to a church loan consultant.

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