Planned Giving 101: Donor Advised Funds

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Giving directed by you.

You've managed your money and your giving all your life. A Donor Advised Fund allows you to direct both the amount and timing of your gifts to ministry—while realizing tax benefits now.

Donor Advised Funds offer the potential to receive an upfront tax deduction when you make a deferred gift to ministry in your lifetime. You advise how, when, and where funds are distributed.

In addition, a Donor Advised Fund can help you avoid capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets.

Donor Advised Funds are ideal if you:

  • Desire charitable giving or generational giving in your name
  • Wish to maintain influence over giving
  • Need flexible giving options (lump sum or payment)
  • Have appreciated assets
  • Want an upfront charitable tax deduction
  • Want to potentially avoid capital gains
  • Seek a competititve return on funds
  • Would like to continue to add assets to the fund

Your role as advisor

Under this agreement, charitable contributions may be made in your name. You (or your advisory board) make ongoing recommendations on how funds are distributed to ministry. You also have the flexibility to recommend different recipients from year to year and to instruct your advisors how to continue giving after your death.

Funding and minimums

Gifts to a Donor Advised Fund can be cash, real estate, securities (restricted and marketable), art, antiques, business interests, and other assets. Minimum requirement: $10,000 for cash and securities, or $100,000 for real estate.

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