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Prepare Your Ministry for the Unexpected


A church should provide a safe place for believers to gather and worship. Practicing risk management and opting for comprehensive insurance coverage enables churches and ministries to prepare for the unexpected and maintain a secure, comfortable environment for members and guests.

Churches and other ministries are just as open to lawsuits or liability as any business. Obtaining insurance coverage is essential to protecting a ministry and preparing for unanticipated losses. While insurance does not eliminate the need for good risk management or safety planning, it is still a valuable tool.

Property coverage protects the buildings and items owned by a church or ministry. This kind of coverage is essential to protect against damage or destruction from fire, natural disasters, and other incidents. Keep in mind that many policies do not cover floods or earthquakes, so additional coverage may be required if these sort of events are a possibility.

Casualty insurance covers a ministry’s legal liability for property damage and bodily injury to others. Property and casualty insurance often go hand-in-hand because both are necessary to protect your church. Together, property and casualty insurance help churches and ministries prevent losses and facilitate recovery from any losses that may occur.

AGFinancial Insurance Solutions specializes in protecting churches, ministries, and other non-profit organizations dedicated to working for God’s Kingdom. Each plan is customized by our professionals to meet the ministry’s unique needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best coverage at the best possible rates.

“We chose AGFinancial Insurance Solutions for two main reasons: their product and their people,” Pastor Bryan Jarrett of Northplace Church in Sachse, Texas, said. “Traditional insurance providers were unable to provide coverage for our unique ministry endeavors—it was either inadequate in its coverage and/or too expensive in its cost. AGFIS provided us a competitively priced product, all while working with people who understand our ministry context better than anyone else.”

Property and casualty insurance can help church and ministry leaders shift the burden of risk and prepare for the unexpected, allowing your ministry to do what it does best: minister.

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