Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Church Finance Basics

God has called us to be good stewards of those things with which He has entrusted us. That includes everything from taking care of our families, to being responsible for our planet, to investing and using our money wisely.

Wise financial management is especially important for pastors and church leaders who oversee the hard-earned contributions of their congregants. From savings and investments to church loans, choosing the right financial partners for your church should be done with thoughtful and prayerful consideration.

Just like a personal mortgage, servicing debt is a significant part of a church’s operating budget—on average 20 to 30 percent. When compared to the average church missions giving of just five percent, the amount of money a church puts toward debt is a substantial portion of their annual budget. Wouldn’t it be good to know exactly where that money goes?

When your church takes out a loan to construct a new building or expand your facilities, it’s important to thoroughly research the financial institution providing that loan. Unfortunately, many national lenders may use your congregants’ tithes and contributions to support causes that conflict with core Christian values.

When you partner with AGFinancial to grow your ministry, you’re partnering with an organization whose values align with your own. A portion of your mortgage interest dollars is reinvested into the ministry, allowing you to rest assured that your money is supporting churches, missions, and AG ministries.

Know where your money goes.

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