Why Your Next Mission Trip Needs Travel Insurance


If you or your church has a short-term mission trip planned in the near future, there’s a good chance that you’ve looked into travel insurance.

Some people research foreign liability and contingent auto coverage but balk at moving forward with a policy because minimum premiums can be up to $2,500. Others make the mistake of thinking they don’t need travel insurance because they already have health insurance. Depending on your coverage, though, it’s very unlikely to provide the proper coverage when traveling abroad. Some companies provide inadequate limits of coverage like $5,000, and that coverage may not even include sickness.

Recently there was a mission group building churches in Latin America. A team member collapsed and incurred medical costs of over $10,000. Another person on the trip was struck by a motorcycle while crossing the street. This person’s medical costs were around $20,000. It’s also worth noting that medical facilities may not be readily available in remote areas, and an ambulance or helicopter transport will lead to even greater expenses.

And what happens if someone dies on a mission trip? A volunteer with past health issues recently passed away on a mission trip to Israel. Most people don’t think about how much it can cost to repatriate a body back to the United States—it can exceed $50,000. It is helpful to have a knowledgeable person assisting in making those plans.

Like all types of insurance, travel insurance is something you hope you never use, but it can provide a much-needed safety net if the unfortunate does occur. This important need, for those traveling on short-term mission trips, is what led AGFinancial Insurance Solutions to create a unique travel insurance product called Mission Assure.

Unlike other programs that require large minimum premiums, the Mission Assure policy has a low daily premium to provide you with an affordable alternative with second-to-none coverage. It costs just $2.50/day for domestic travelers and $4.50/day for foreign travelers to receive full coverage.

Think of it like this: Imagine your church is planning a 10-day mission trip to India. A plane ticket for one person can cost around $1,200. Full coverage for each individual during the trip, though, is just $45.

And with Mission Assure, there are no limits on age and you can’t be excluded from coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you, your group – and your church – are financially protected on your next short-term mission trip.

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