Cultivating Generous Givers

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Cultivating generosity in the church is important for both the people and the ministry you lead, but it can be a daunting journey for pastors.

As Christians, we’re called to give generously and joyfully, supporting God’s work in our churches and the lives around us. But when it comes to tithing, the talk often doesn’t translate to a walk. In fact, Christians give less today per capita than they did during the Great Depression, and out of 247 million professed Christians in the U.S. today, only 1.5 million tithe.

So, what’s stopping all these churchgoers from giving to ministry? For many, it may be that they just don’t hear about tithing often enough. Many pastors feel uncomfortable speaking on the subject of money and, instead of writing sermons encouraging people to give, simply avoid the topic altogether.

Generous giving can change lives, and it starts with pastors. It’s up to you to call your congregation to walk in obedience and give joyfully.

Click here for “Cultivating Generous Givers,” a free guide on how you can lead your church in a giving revolution.

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