3 Reasons to Roll Over Your Retirement


Many Americans end up with two or three retirement accounts due to changing employers or opening IRAs. A rollover is an ideal tool for simplifying retirement savings.

What is a Rollover?
A rollover is simply the movement of money from a retirement plan such as an IRA or 401(k) into another qualified retirement plan. You are eligible for a rollover if you meet a qualifying event such as a change of employment, disability, or reaching age 59½. If you meet one of these qualifiers, you may roll your retirement accounts into a single manageable account. A rollover also allows you to continue the tax-deferred status of your retirement accounts, enabling you to avoid early withdrawal penalties.

A Rollover is Simple, Easy, and Tax-Free.
Managing multiple retirement accounts can be complicated. The hassle of tracking old 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and multiple IRAs can be time-consuming and costly, especially if you’re not paying attention to the fees the financial company may be charging. A great way to overcome the stress of multiple retirement accounts is to roll your funds into a single retirement account.

The top 3 reasons to roll over your retirement accounts:

  • A qualified rollover is a tax-free event.
    You can move your funds into a single account such as your MBA 403(b) and maintain the tax-deferred status of your retirement account.
  • Sound investment options.
    The MBA 403(b) offers a variety of choices allowing diversification and customization of your retirement plan with options such as the fixed rate MBA Income Fund as well as the screened Steward Mutual Funds and Russell LifePoints® Funds. Click here for rollover options if you are not an AG minister or ministry employee.
  • Simplicity and ease.
    Instead of dealing with multiple statements every month, you can track your balance, investment options, and performance with one quick glance.

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Simplify Your Retirement Today with a Rollover

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