5 Pro Tips for Managing Volunteer Risk

Church Risk Management

Harvest parties, turkey trots, and Christmas festivities are right around the corner. Most churches can't pull off these seasonal events without a group of volunteers. We understand the importance of volunteers; that's why our AGFinancial Insurance team has compiled a list of risk management pro tips that will help you plan and prepare for this action-packed volunteer season.

Here are a few important tips when it comes to managing volunteers:

Appoint a Volunteer Coordinator

Managing volunteers doesn't have to be hectic. Assigning someone the role of interviewing potential volunteers, organizing paperwork, and placing the volunteers is the first successful step in an impactful event.

Interview Your Volunteer

Although it can be time-consuming, each volunteer should complete a written application and have a background check completed. Volunteers should provide references that will be checked by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Match the Role With the Ability

When assigning volunteers to a job, make sure to place people with the skill level and the ability to complete the position; this improves safety and increases the likelihood of having a successful event.

Manage Volunteer Risk

Creating a policy with best practice examples and communicating that policy is necessary. Here are a few best practice examples:

    • Two staff/volunteer members must accompany children at all times
    • If a minor is volunteering, pair with an adult/staff member
    • Thoroughly inspect all equipment before use
    • Provide proper safety equipment (g., goggles, gloves, etc.)
    • Ensure all volunteer/staff members have the appropriate training to operate vehicles, rides and equipment, and have signed a driver release form, if applicable.
    • Check that all outside vendors have proper insurance and request a certificate of insurance from every vendor that is used for the event.

Create a Backup Plan

Keep the weather in consideration for the safety of your volunteers, staff, and event attendees. It is best to postpone outdoor events when bad weather arises. Always have a weather plan in place.

For more information regarding volunteers in the church, click here.

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