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How much thought have you given to planning for retirement? If you’re like most people we’ve talked to, you haven’t thought about retirement as much as you should. But a little planning can go a long way in preparing you for a financially secure future. Here are five retirement strategies you should adopt ASAP.

Start Saving Now
With compound interest, the more time you have, the more your money will grow. Someone who starts saving for retirement at 25 will have to contribute a much smaller amount to their account than someone who begins saving at 45. It’s a simple concept, but an essential one: the earlier you start saving, the better off you’ll be in the future. No matter what your age, the right time to start saving for retirement is now. Use our calculator to estimate how much money you’ll need for retirement.

Save a Little More
If you’ve only been able to save 3% of your income toward retirement, challenge yourself to bump your savings up to 4%. Determine ways you can set aside a little more money each month. A few extra dollars may not seem like much, but consistently boosting how much you save can help you reach your retirement goals in the long run. Check out our 52 Ways to Save Ebook to help you set aside some extra funds for retirement.

Put Away the Extra
When you receive a bonus at work or a tax refund, make plans to invest at least half of that money in your retirement account. It can be tempting to spend that extra money on a trip or vacation, but your future self will thank you for saving it. Even just an extra $1,000 every year can contribute a significant amount to your retirement savings.

Be a Smart Spender
The best way to save money is to keep track of every dollar. By monitoring where your money goes, you can be more aware of how much you have and make wiser purchasing decisions. Be more cognizant of what you’re spending and focus on building long-term wealth for your future.

Roll Over Old Retirement Accounts
Instead of cashing out or collecting old retirement plans, roll the funds over into a single account. Having all your retirement savings in one place can help give you a better picture of the progress you’ve made toward your saving goals. As an added bonus, you may also save money by getting rid of maintenance fees that often accompany retirement saving accounts.

Have you developed a plan for your retirement? Take some time to focus on what you need to retire and get started today. And if you need help planning your retirement strategy, contact us at 877.616.5204 or

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