Do Your Church Facilities Fit Its DNA?

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When churches begin the building process, there is a common tendency to imitate the facility designs of others. But following current trends or replicating someone else’s vision doesn’t always translate well within a congregation or community, and there’s a valid reason for that—the design may not reflect the church’s DNA.

Your church is distinctive. The way you minister is unique. Let the design of your facilities reflect your story.

The DNA of your church is your story, and it is derived from its people, history, culture, location, and vision, among other factors. It’s what makes your church your church. That’s why AGFinancial has created the DNA Discovery Assessment to help your church leadership team or church board gain the clarity needed to design a facility that reflects your church’s DNA. Download the assessment here.

In addition to knowing your church’s DNA, we encourage you to talk with a trusted church lender prior to meeting with an architect or contractor. They can help you determine your true borrowing capacity and create a realistic project budget. This will help ensure you do not design beyond your available funding. Too often we see churches that focus solely on designing a facility to perfectly reflect their DNA, only to discover later they may not be able to afford to build the facility.

You can have a facility that fits your DNA without stretching your church to a financial breaking point by combining proper budget planning with smart design.

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