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Impact investing: investing with the intention of making both a positive societal impact and a financial return

More and more, investors want their finances to align with who they are and what they believe. They want their investments to ensure they can affect change in the area(s) that are important to them. Using investments to reflect personal values and beliefs of investors is gaining momentum. In fact, a recent study showed that interest in impact investing increased to 49% in 2018, with only 38% showing interest in 2016.*

Put your money where your heart is.

A subset of impact investing is faith-based investing, ideal for those who want their investments to make an eternal, Kingdom impact. When looking at investment options, dig deep to understand what the financial institution values. What are the causes they support? Do they financially support faith-based non-profits or other ministries? It is always important to consider multiple factors to ensure the financial institution you choose aligns with your beliefs, has a strong financial position, and meets any other requirements you may have.

AGFinancial provides a variety of options that deliver financial benefits while also impacting ministry growth.

As an example, AG ministers and AG ministry employees have exclusive access to the MBA retirement plan. Within this official retirement plan of the Assemblies of God is a wide range of investment options to meet your various needs. Options include the MBA Income Fund, a fixed rate strategy wherein the funds are used to grow AG ministries. Also available are a multitude of award-winning faith-based funds that screen to avoid investing in companies that materially invest in mature content, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and life ethics.

Available to individuals, churches, and institutions, funds invested with AGFinancial** are also used to provide loans to growing ministries while providing a competitive rate of return. Click here to learn more about AGFinancial investments.

For those who have a heart to give and a mind for smart, long-term planning, planned gifts provide opportunities to support the ministry while also receiving tax benefits and potential income for yourself. There are many options for planned gifts based on your circumstances and goals. Click here to learn more.

Our goal is to help you find that sweet spot of enjoying returns on your investments while also empowering ministry growth. To learn more about how you can put your money to work for the Kingdom while continuing to provide for you and your family, contact us today.


** This is not an offering to sell securities referred to herein and we are not soliciting you to purchase these securities. The offering is made only by the Offering Circular which includes risk factors. The Offering Circular may be obtained by writing or calling AGFinancial or by clicking here. An investment in AGFinancial involves certain risks that other investment options may not have. Not all risks can be quantified or compared to other investments. You should carefully evaluate all the risks in assessing the potential benefit of the various investments. AGFinancial investments are offered and sold only in states where authorized or exempt from authorization. Not available to new investors in Washington. Not available in Ohio. AGFinancial is an affiliated entity of AGFinancial.

Not FDIC or SIPC Insured. Not a Bank Deposit. No AGFinancial Guarantee.

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