Live Q&A with Richard Hammar & Jerry Sparks at GC15

Church Risk Management

General Council 2015 was held last week in Orlando, Florida. Sponsored by AGFinancial, thousands of AG members went to the conference to hear special guest speakers, participate in the Fine Arts competitions, attend business sessions, and visit more than 100 booths in the exhibit hall.

On Tuesday, we hosted a special edition of riskmgmtLIVE with Richard Hammar and Jerry Sparks live from the booth. Dozens of attendees watched and listened as Rich and Jerry gave pointers on cell phone policies and church fraud response and prevention. After hearing their advice, audience members asked Rich and Jerry to respond to questions on issues ranging from liability during youth outings and background checks to overtime laws and Christian school enrollment parameters.

Click here to watch this special edition of riskmgmtLIVE.


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