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Starting a Plan


Here’s how it works:

1. Contact a retirement consultant to discuss plan options and design a plan specific to the unique needs of your church or ministry.

2. Once the design has been established, the church/ministry needs to complete a written plan. Our consultants will guide you, step-by-step, to create your written plan using our simple, straightforward templates. The written plan will include all customized options such as:

  • Who is eligible to participate through salary deferrals?
  • Will ROTH deferrals be offered in addition to pre-tax?
  • Is there an employer contribution? If yes, then:
  • Who is eligible for the employer contribution?
  • Is it a “match,” “discretionary,” or hybrid?
  • Is the employer contribution in the form of a specific dollar amount or percentage?

3. Once the written plan is complete, the church/ministry needs to provide education for optimal results. All participants in the plan benefit from our free education. The consultants will provide information about investment options and give enrollment assistance through email, phone, or on-site consultations (depending on your staff size). In addition, participants can view and manage their accounts online.

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