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Thank You


As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to say a special “thank you” to our clients. We are thankful that we work together to impact the Kingdom. You trust us with your investments and we take our responsibility to you very seriously.

And a special thanks to those of you who recently shared why you chose to partner with us. Your comments reminded us of why we do what we do:

"To help further the growth of the Assemblies and still earn for my future."

"Social conscious reasons. Rate of return. Reputation."

"I’m thankful for the AG ministries that have invested in my life – this is a small way I can give back."

"Trustworthy. Money used to build churches. Better interest rates than most banks. . . . Knowledgeable personnel."

"Wanted to invest in God’s work with an organization I trust."

"Can’t do any better than investing in the Kingdom! Plus, a very pleasant staff."

"Good experience in the past. Competitive rates. Trustworthy. We’re family."

"I trust you to take care of my money because you are a reputable Christian company."

"We trust you. You are very helpful and explain things to us. Blessings to all. Thank you."

"Plain and simple: We want our money to work for God. After all, He gave it to us."

These testimonials are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.

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