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Watch: Top Legal Issues for Church Plants


Pastors of new church plants are all too aware that starting a new church comes with a slew of new tax, legal, and bookkeeping responsibilities. That’s why we put together a four-video series on challenges church plants face. The first video in the series addresses legal issues. Watch the video to hear Dr. Rich Hammar and Jerry Sparks discuss the following topics:

  • The most common reasons churches get sued
  • Clergy-penitent privilege
  • Solemnizing marriages
  • How last year’s same-sex marriage ruling can affect your facilities
  • Dealing with sex offenders in your church’s congregation
  • Child abuse and mandatory reporting laws

As Rich Hammar mentions in the video, there are some things you may do that might temporarily stunt your new church’s growth, but failing in one of these areas can be detrimental.

While there’s no guaranteed path to success when planting a church, the information in this video series can make that path a little easier to navigate.

If you have any questions for Rich or Jerry, tweet us or send us an email.

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