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Planned Giving Resources for Churches

Planned Giving

Resourcing those in your church to provide for their future and ministry.

AGFinancial would like to partner with you to present planned giving solutions that could help those in your church looking for help to:

  • Generate retirement income
  • Transition out of appreciated assets such as property, stocks and bonds
  • Receive tax benefits

We know that people are entrusted with various levels of wealth. Planned giving is not just just for the wealthy, it is for anyone looking to protect and mange what they have with the desire to be charitable to their local church, favorite ministries, or charities*. Through the past wise stewardship of donors, Assemblies of God Foundation has already been able to disperse nearly $300 million in the past decade to ministries, missions, and local churches.

For more information on how we could help provide additional information to those in your church who may be interested, contact Scott Hill, your planned giving consultant, at 314.537.1316 or at . He would be happy to discuss a customized solution for your church.

*Qualified 501(c)3 organization

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